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Giant Martini Glasses

It’s time for a toast, as Candi provides a stunning visual treat for your guests with our martini glass performers.  From the classic burlesque pinup, to a bathing beauty soaping herself in bubbles with an olive shaped sponge, our 7 foot tall glass and steel structure is the perfect tipple! Whether you’d like your version filled with champagne, water or bubbles, this impressive cocktail will provide all the fun without the morning after headache. Cheers!

Candi made our event!!!!

Networkers International PLC is an IT and telecom recruitment specialist based in Bromley. The culture of the company is hard working, fun and vibrant. The theme for 2010’s christmas party was a Winter Wonderland theme which Sammi produced to our exact vision.

We had one male and female fire breather outside performing as our guests queued to enter the building, a dwarf ringmaster greeting our guests, a magician interacting, a female contortionist, female UV hoola hoop act, and then to top the night off two female and one male stilt walkers.

The night was a complete success our guests were trying to bend like the contortionist, and wiggle like the hoola girl and the acts interacted, danced and took great pictures with all our guests.

If you are looking to make an event different and truly unique Candi is the only way to go!!!!!

We will definitely be in touch again!

Lauren Sills , Networkers International/ Studio Valbonne, May 6, 2015

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